Friday, October 10, 2008

Who Said Witches Have To Be Ugly?

This tutorial was created on October /10/2008 by Ċrÿstàlßellĕ any resemblance to another Tag or Tutorial is purely coincidental.

This tag was created in PSP 9 and can be done in other versions

You will need:
2 Fonts of Choice:I used Petey Rone and Penelope

Tube of Choice..Im useing the Wonderful Art work of Elias Chatzoudis.which you must obtain a license to use at

Scrap Kit of choice..or one from Tracey aka Sox - Sox Sational Scraps
This is a free download so please show her some love Here

Plugin penta/dots and crosses

Plugin/EyeCandy4000/Gradent Glow

Lets get started..
Open up a canvas 700x700 fill white

1) Copy and paste frame of choice..I used frame4 resize frame by 70%

2)Using your magic wand,Click inside the frame and go to
Srctions/modify/expand by 3

3)Copy and paste a paper of choice..I used a green paper because it complmented my tube
Move this laye under your frame layer

4)closing off the white background (by clickign the eye) merge your frame and paper layer visible.

unhide your white back ground

5)Duplicate your fame layer..on the original layer go to
Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur/Radius 10

6)Now go to Effects/Plugins?penta/dots and crosses with these settings
Cross Distance~10
Cross Width~2

7)Copy and paste your tube..Depending on the size you may want to resize..I resized mine 85%
Add a drop shadow

8)Now Duplicate your tube..We are going to put a close up of her face in the frame..So I went to resize and I resixed it by 200 made it look bigger.
Erase any access you dont want showing on the out side of the frame layer
Lower the Opacity to 50

9)Now merge both frame layers togeather

At this time you should have only 3 layers.
the white background/the frame layer and your tube.

10)Copy and paste the cauldron .resize 55% place the cauldron to our liking..I placed mine on the lower left hand side of my frame

11)Copy and paste the bat..resize 35%.move it up on your frame above the cauldron

12)Choose a string of choice..resize 65% and place it at the top of your frame..make sure its in the center

13)Chose a pin..resize to your liking..I placed mine on the edge of my frame.So it looked like it was sticking in the frame
add the same dropshadow as before

14)Now we are going to add the text..

Click on your top layer in your layer pallet and select your preset shapes icon
Using the circle draw a circle slightly larger then your fame leave that as a vector layer

Choosing 2 colors of choice from your tube..and font of choice with these settings
text size 48
Stroke 1

Make sure under Create have selected Floating
Placing your test tool on the edge of your cicle you should see a A with a Curve line under it..

Type out "Who Said Witches Have To Be Ugly?

Now it doesnt matter where it sits on your circle in your test box at the font of your test hit your spacebar untail you get your test where you want it..

Now over on your layer pallet delete the circle layer
right click on your floating selection and promote selections to layer, Select none.

14)Move this text layer all the way below all your layers but on top of the frame layer
Using eye candy 4000/gradient glow/add a soft glow with these settings
Glow Width~3.00
Soft Corners~25
Color White

15)Apply the glow again this time changing the color to one from your tube..I used Green

16)Now all you have to do is Add your credits and your name
Font I used was Penelope Size 72
..add a dropshadow of choice

17)Resize to your liking and you are done.

Thank you for trying my tutorial and if there are any questions please feel free to ask..i would love to see your results..You can send them to me.and I will place them on my blog :)


Tracey said...

Hey hun awesome job you did with it i now have a blog to show off the tuts made with my kits