Friday, November 20, 2009

My Thoughts on New Moon..

If you have not seen the movie then please stop reading now as this may contain spoilers....

Even though it was a kick ass awesome movie!! But you know me I have to tell you how I feel about it.. I will start out with The wolf pack, Taylor really turned out and did an awesome job portraying Jacob Black. I couldn't stop laughing when he delivered a lot of his lines he made them so funny. Plus how could you not love him and his abs ;) I give 2 thumbs up for Taylor. They picked the perfect actor to play Sam Uley the Alpha of the Wolf pack.

Once I got past all the blank facial expressions of Kristen Stewart (Bella) The movie seemed to go a bit better. If you read the book you knew Edward leaves her. I felt like she could have put a little bit more emotions in this scene. I mean come on girl you just lost the love of your life, and when she is laying on the ground she couldn't even cry right, must be so hard to push out them fake tears. The only time I though she did extremely well was after Edward left and she is sitting in the chair looking out the window and it goes October, November, December then switches to her screaming in her sleep. That was one of the parts I did cry on, maybe it was just the music

I hated how everything kept jumping form one thing to another. Bella shows up to Jacobs house with the Bikes, OK where did she get them out of the blue? Someone who hasn't read the books would have no clue what int he world she was doing with them. I thought they needs to show more of Jacob and Bella together in the garage. I mean where was Jacobs rabbit he was working on? We saw it when Bella was in the garage the first time and then I don't remember seeing it again. His rabbit was a big part of Jacob, he has been working on it for 2 books now .lol
I thought they needed to add in the Valentines part too, OK so Bella, Jacob and Mike did go to the movies together and Mike did get sick. But what the heck was it when Jacob suddenly flipped out and mike, then says he doesn't feel good and goes home. Why couldn't they just have that happen in Bella's driveway like it was supposed to .. I know I know you all are thinking come on the movie was over 2 hours long they couldn't fit everything in.. Well have you not seem Tom Hanks movies, a lot of those are over 4 hours. I mean hello Forest Gump and Cast Away!?
However I love the part with Laurent, I though that was really good, I just wish they would have showed the wolves kill him. Christopher Heyerdahl who played Marcus should have switched roles with Michael Sheen who played Aro. Bella says in the book how Aro's skin was translucently white like onionskin, and it looked just as delicate. Believe me Christopher Heyerdahly fit that part perfectly only he was playing Marcus. And what was up the the Cullen's in this movie, Just something about them wasn't right. Their skin or their eyes? even though their eyes were beautiful something just didn't set right. I loved the look of Alice in Twilight, this time around she just didn't look as graceful and beautiful.

OK well there is a lot more I want to say but if you are a true fan of the Twilight Saga like I'm this is a must see movie.But if you havent read the books there is alot you just wont understand when you see it. Like I said once you get past Kristen Stewart's blank expressions,and terrible pausing, Taylor Lautner hot abs., but the way I cant wait till he is 18 so when I do have naughty thoughts about him I wont feel bad.( he-he). And lets not forget Robert ( he can bite my neck anytime) Pattinson. The move was pretty good. Sorry even though I'm a huge fan I could only give it 3 1/2 - 4 stars :(