Saturday, July 10, 2010

PTU~ Summer Blush

This kit took me awhile to do because I wasnt really sure what all I wanted I wanted to add in to it. But after working on it pretty much non-stop the last 2 days this is what I came up with.

With this kit you will get

4 Ribbon Frames

4 Cardboard Frames

5 Butterflies

2 Dragonflies

3 Giltter Heart Spills

5 Doodle Ring Spills

4 Bows with Sash

2 Fireflies

1 Firefly jar

5 Boats

5 Bows

4 Diffrent Flipflops

5 Cardboard flowers

2 Kites

2 Lei Flowers

4 Ribbons

5 Suns

3 Sunglasses

3 Umbrellas

24 Different papers

So as you see you will get

24 different papers, 64 Elements, 8 Frames

You can find this kit at the folowing stores

Lollipops N Gumdrops, Glam N Glitter, Just 4 Taggers

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