Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Kit~ Dare to Inspire

Here is the 4th and Final Series of Kits~ Dare to Inspire

I loved making these Dare to kits, each one has something a series of different elsements and papers with this kit you will get

28 Papers

4 Cliparts

5 Different Butterflies

3 Candles

4 Big Bows

3 Carnations

4 Glitter Doodles

4 Eyelet Ribbons

3 Feathers

2 Frames with Ribbon and Flower

2 Different Glitter Spills

4 Glitter Frames

1 Ring Spill

2 Heart Ribbons

2 Different Ivys

2 Laterns

2 Pillows

1 Quilted Heart

4 Silk Ribbons

3 Roses

1 Tree

2 Shoestring Ribbons

I will have this up in the stores tomorrow along with a chance to get all 4 kits for a low price!

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