Thursday, June 3, 2010

PTU~Harmony Grace

This is a Miscarriage Awareness Kit. back on September 11th 2006 my Husband and I lost a baby girl, we named her Harmony Grace. This kit is in remembrance of her, and all the other Angel babies that Mothers have lost due to Miscarriage, Still Birth, Infant Loss, and SIDS.

With this kit you will get
3 Graident Papers
4 Giltter Papers
2 Silk Papers
2 Heart papers
1 Poka Dot Paper
12 Pattern Papers
1 Miscarriage Awareness Ribbon
2 Beaded Ropes
2 Angel Wings
2 Big Bows
2 Bows with Ribbons
2 Small Bows
2 Bows with Sash
2 Glitter Butterflies
3 Boka Dot Butteerflies
2 Butterfly Charms
2 Clouds
2 Doodles
4 Flowers
6 Frames
2 Glitter Spills
2 Halos
2 Hearts Charms
2 Heart Doodles
2 Hearts with Sash
2 Bunnies
2 Glitter Ring Spills
2 Footprint Buttons
6 Different Cliparts

So with this kit you get 24 Different Papers and 58 Elements 6 Frames

Lollipops N Gumdrops

Sugar N Spice

Glam N Glitter

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