Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Such Sad News :(

Due to the sudden passing of the founder and operator of Artistic Minds Inc. The family of Leah has decided to suspend all activity related to sales and licenses.Please be advised that your license(s) is for lifetime use, so you do not have to stop using them. But, we will no longer be able to assist or service you. If you have placed a custom order since Mid day June 5, we will be sending those to you today June 9.Anyone with a pending gift certificate please email with your choices and we will fill those. Otherwise, all sales or fulfillment is hence forth suspended. All gift certificates purchased from June 5 have been refunded.On a personal note we do wish we could carry on in her place, but we just do not have the knowledge or time to do so. We know she would have wished you all the best in life and hope that all the artists have wonderful careers and lives. The family thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this very confusing and troubled time.
I have talked to Leah many times, over in the Stalker group. This has come to a shock to me, Im very sadden over this. Her family orever be in my thoughs and prayers
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