Friday, September 5, 2008

Belle Hop

This tutorial was created on October /14/2007 by Ċrÿstàlßellĕ any resemblance to another Tag or Tutorial is purely coincidental.

This tag was created in PSP 9 and can be done in other versions

You will need:
Eyecandy 4000
here and here
Font of Choice I used Arabella
Tube of Choice
Iam using the wonderful artwork of Anjara.which you must obtain a license to use at

Lets Get Started :)
Open up Canvas size 500x500,Fill white

Step1: Copy and Paste Mnz_frame
Now the frame is really big so you wont be able to see it at first.So lets resize bu 25,Still to big so lets resize again by 55

Step2: Image rotate by 90%-Duplicate
X out Duplicated layer
Make sure your Original fram layer is active,rotate to the left 15%

Step3: Using your magic wand click in side the lace frame
,Sections-Modify-expand by1

Step4: Pick one of the Mnz_papers that best suits your tube,Copy and pase the paper,Sections-Invert and hit delete-sections none

Step 5:Unhide your duplicated frame layer,Repet steps 3 and 4 picking another paper of your choice
Close out your white back ground,Merge these 2 layers

Step6:Go to Effect dropshodow and add the following

Step7: Place your tube on top of the frame resize tube if needed,Using your eraser,Erase only the parts that are outside the top frame,
Lower the Opacity to 50%

Closing out your white back ground merge these layers visible

Step8: Paste your main tube Move her where you would like her to be.I placed her on the right side of my frame layer
Add same drop shadow as above

Step9: Paste Mnz_overlay (stars) resize by 15,move it below yur frame layer

Step10:Find the Mnz_prenature_addons_fastner,
Paste as new layer,recolor to best suite your tube

Now Lets add Text,I usedArabella,Size 100,stroke 1
Pick 2 colors from your tube,Type out your name

Using eyecandy 4000-Gradient Glow
Apply the following settings

Add Copyright ,Resize to your liking I resized to 75%.
Merge all,save and you are done:)