Friday, September 5, 2008

Tropical Dreams

Tutorial was created on April/21/2007 by Ċrÿstàlßellĕ any resemblance to another Tag or Tutorial is purely coincidental. DO NOT use my supplies in any other tutorial without my written permission!

This tag was created in PSP 9 and can be done in other versions

You will need:

Tropical Background(or the one I have Supplied )

Tube of Choice: Iam using the wonderful artwork of Michael Landefeld.which you must obtain a license to use

Font of Choice ( I used BoomerangItalic)

1)Open up tropical background in psp,copy and paste as new layer.

2)New Raster Layer,flood fill white,Layers Arrange Move Down

So that it is under your tropical background

3)Open up tube of choice Place your tube on the left hand side of the tropical pack ground

4.Add a drop shadow

5)Add your name Font of Choice

I used BoomerangItalic

Size 72.Stroke with set at 2

Forground color:E28C3C

Background color:EDD294

6.Add the same drop shadow as before

7.Add Copywrite.Merge and Save

Thank you and I hope you Enjoyed Doing My Tutorial